The standard of installation set by Nortek is consistently a tier above the competition. At Nortek we install and maintain run of mine assets.


  • Construction and commissioning or main-gate conveyor systems.
  • Installation and commission of mine de-watering systems.
  • General operations project management.
  • Installation and commissioning of bulk cooled air units.
  • Long-wall recovery and relocation operations.
  • Statutory electrical engineering coverage.


  • Installation and maintenance of all general run of mine assets. 
  • Implementation of annual HV maintenance strategies and site completion. 
  • CO cleaning operations for HV and LV internal inspections and remediation. 
  • Online aging asset remediation works. 
  • Site project management.
  • Redundant site asset Demobilization. 
  • Statutory electrical inspections and auditing.

Off-site electrical mine maintenance
Nortek has the capacity to mobilize a team of experienced and qualified tradesmen to carry out pre hire electrical and mechanical upgrade work and inspections on location in any part of Australia.

Our experience tells us that detailed pre hire and modification not only saves our clients time by turning the work around faster, but saves money on labor, parts and the logistics of mobilizing to complete the work on site.

As part of this project work Nortek can:

  • Modify standard hi power diesel generators so the equipment comply with the current Queensland Mining Act and Regulations relating to Earth Fault Current Limitations and Touch Potential Voltages rising from potential Earth Faults.
  • Test generators and transformers under full load conditions to prove their ability to start the designated load off site prior to mobilization.
  • Install equipment on site to standards and commission systems to provide the desired outcome.
  • Our installations fully conform with current legislations are proven be best practice in the industry.