Community Pay Back

At Nortek we have built strategy to promote the welfare of others, by the generous donation of money to good causes locally in support of our community. In time, we aim to include this strategy into our core values and build this into the heart of our business. Giving Nortek and its employees the best chance to become social aware and responsible individuals making real contributions to it’s community now and into the future.

Products and Services 

Looking into the obvious connections between our services / skill set and the community need is a logical step in applying ourselves to meaningful connections within the community.


Our brand is represented by the following statement: On time. Exceeding expectation. Safely. In this strategy will aim to align ourselves with not-for-profit organisations that best respresent the same methodology, where time, expectations and safety are paramount to the long term success.


The location of our business aligns us directly to a number of small rural community towns, from which multiple opportunities will be identified to help decide where to contribute.


Looking at what we have contributed in the past and how that can continue to be build into the strategy of giving for the future and on an long term relationship.


Taking a look at the demographics, interests and experiences of the employees is important because it provides a perspective we may not have considered. This means simply looking at who they are and what they care about, which may lead us to considering certain kinds of not-for-profit organisations that otherwise might not make it into the discussion.

What we won’t give 

This might seem obvious, but any discussion about what to support should include a conversation about what NOT to support. Nortek will take into consideration organisations that aren’t in-line with what we do or believe in, for example company policies, political candidates